Champions Program: Helping Our Youth Players Grow

The Long Island Rough Riders Champions soccer program takes children between the ages of three and six and helps them grow as not only soccer players but as teammates on the field. The Champions developmental program is focused around a fun and nurturing environment that allows for our players to gain not only soccer skills but friends in the process.

Children will experience a year-round program focusing on building a foundation for youth players to develop a passion for the game. Designed to provide fun, appropriate, exciting yet challenging skill training and appropriate game competitions at a critical age for a player’s soccer development.

The fundamentals that the Champions program teaches creates the perfect opportunity for young players who want to as Alex Gallego program director says, “transition into the other Long Island Rough Riders programs including the Academy, Premier and Select teams.” Not only will this experience teach the players how to play the game the right way. It will allow them to connect with their coaches to gain knowledge about the game of soccer and how to have fun both on and off the field.

Involvement in the Champions developmental program has produced great results for youth players, coaches and parents alike, this program is a great opportunity to allow the game of soccer into families.

“The clinics taught my daughter many skills in a short amount of time. The children had a lot of fun while learning.”

“It really gave my son a great overview of the fundamentals of soccer and the concept of being on a team.”

“The sessions are a lot of fun for my son and I love that he learns how to play together as a team. The coaches are very caring and they take the time to teach the kids basic skills.”

It is these types of testimonies that gives the Champions program such a rewarding aspect on the coaching end while also displaying the heart and soul of what we are all about!

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