Adult League Rules

Adult League Rule Handbook (v1.0-2020)

Player Rules

  • Player ID cards are required to be presented at each league match
  • Players must be assigned a specific team jersey number for league duration.
  • Absolutely no fighting! Law enforcement may be notified and reported.

Team Rules

  • All teams must have numbered and matching uniforms.
  • No rematches permitted.
  • Minimum of 6 players required to start match.
  • Team bench is only for designated players and coaches.

Co-Ed Rules

  • There must always be a minimum of two (2) female players on the field, exclusive of the goalkeeper who can be either gender. If the goalkeeper is a female, she does not count towards the minimum of two female players on the field.
  • Female players in possession of the ball may not be challenged by male players unless the female player has crossed midfield advancing into the opposing team’s defensive half.
  • Male players from an opposing team must retain approximately a 3-yard radius from female players when female players are in possession of the ball in their defensive half of the field.
  • Female players may challenge male players at any time.

Spectator Rules

  • No outside food or drink (except water) is allowed in the facility.
  • No foul language, or vulgar chanting from fans.
  • No smoking or alcoholic beverages are permitted on the premises or in the parking lot.
  • Continuous verbal abuse to a referee or a league official will result in a 2-minute penalty in favor for the opposing team.

Player Eligibility

  • Players are considered eligible for league play if they are documented on a team roster, signed a waiver, completed their player registration pass and submit a copy of a photo I.D. displaying their date of birth.
  • Players under the age of 18 are required to have written consent by a parent and/or a legal guardian to be permitted to play in an adult league.
  • Players may be registered with more than one team within a designated league.
  • Player may not be transferred to another team within a league season unless approved by the league director.


Referees are not employees or considered independent contractors of Globall Sports Center.

Each team is responsible to pay their designated referee fee prior to the start of each match. Matches will not commence until referee fees are collected.

This information is proprietary and is intended for Global Sports Center only. Any unauthorized dissemination or copying
or use or disclosure of information contained herein is strictly prohibited and may be illegal.


Apart from substitution and offside referees will enforce matches using FIFA rules when applicable.

  • No offsides.
  • No throw-ins.
  • Substitutions (“on the fly”). Players to enter and exit at midfield near team benches.
  • 5-yard radius given to opposing team for direct, indirect infractions and/or corner kicks or kick-ins.


  • All adult league matches are 45 minutes in duration. No half times.
  • Time is maintained by a time clock, maintained by the referees or league director.
  • Failure to field a team of a minimum of six players within 5 minutes of a team’s match time will result in a team forfeit resulting in a 5-0 loss recorded in the league standings.
  • Matches start promptly according to league schedule regardless if a team is not present.


Teams are awarded: 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, 0 points for a loss. The league standings and tiebreakers are determined by the following:

  • Total Team Points
  • Head to Head Competition
  • Most Wins
  • Goal Differential
  • Goals For
  • Goals Against

In the event of a 3-way tie, Head to Head is thrown out and tie breaker immediately goes to Least Goals Against.

If a team forfeits a match, the opposing team will be awarded with a win; five goals scored, and zero goals against.

All scores, results and standings will be posted on


The soccer ball will be placed in the center of the field to start matches and after goals are scored.

Opposing team must stand 5 yards away on a kick-off.


  • If the ball is kicked directly in on a kick-in, a kick-off or an indirect free kick.
  • If a team scores with 8 players on the field, NO goal will be awarded, and the team will be awarded a 2-minute penalty.


No throw-ins. Balls that goes out of bounds will be played in by a kick-in. The ball must be completely stopped and placed on the line where the ball went out. Players must stand 5 yards away from all kick-ins. In-bounding team has 5 seconds to get the ball in play, otherwise they will lose possession.

Other boundary rules:

  • Goal kicks must be taken within the box and within 3 yards of the goal line.
  • Corner kicks must be placed on designated line or between line and corner flag


A 12-player roster is included in the adult league team registration fee. Team captains can add up to 12 players during Week 1 and Week 2 of each designated adult league.

After Week 2 additional players can be rostered for an additional fee:

In Week 3 and Week 4 teams (under the 12-player minimum) can add an additional player on the roster for $50.

Teams (over the 12-player) can add an additional player on the roster for $100.

After Week 4 all team rosters are considered frozen and no additional players can be added or removed.

Roster Details:

  • Six field players and a goalkeeper consist of a team.
  • A completed on-line team roster is due prior to the first match.
  • Rosters are not considered complete if players do not fill out a liability waiver form, sign the roster, and submit a copy of their photo I.D.


In leagues that are over the age of 30 years of age, only the goalkeeper can be under the age of 30. However, if the goalkeeper is underage he/she may not be permitted to cross midfield during the duration of the match.
▪ If a team’s goalkeeper is injured during the season and cannot continue they may be replaced on the roster. The newly added player must complete the registration process prior to participating and can only participate as a goalkeeper – they cannot participate as a field player. The injured player must be removed from the roster and is ineligible for the remainder of the season.


Team Bench:
▪ Only two adults are permitted to coach from the team bench.
▪ All other adults must watch the match from the spectator area.
▪ All team bags must be placed neatly behind team bench.
▪ Coaches and players must leave their team bench immediately after their match.
▪ Players are responsible to clean up any garbage from their team bench.
▪ Unlimited substitutions.
▪ All players are substituted on the fly.
▪ Substituted players must first come off the field before a new player may enter.
▪ All substituting players and coaches must remain on team bench during the match.
▪ Coaches may not enter the field at any time unless the referee permits – failure to comply will result in a two-minute penalty.
▪ Goalkeepers who are substituted must be differentiated with a different colored team jersey.


League playoffs are scheduled based on league standings comprised by the league point system. Based on the total number of teams within a designated adult league playoff will be scheduled as follows:
▪ 1st Place vs. 2nd Place
▪ 3rd Place vs. 4th Place
▪ 5th Place vs. 6th Place
▪ 7th Place vs. 8th Place
Team captains will be notified of their designated kick-off time one (1) week prior to the playoff week.
To accommodate potential matches that go into overtime during playoffs the 1st | 2nd | 3rd and 4th place teams may be scheduled toward the end of the league designated time block.
Teams that finish in 5th | 6th | 7th | or 8th place may have modified playoff match times to accommodate the teams that finished higher in the league standings.
In the event of overtime for either the 1st vs. 2nd or 3rd vs. 4th place teams a 10-minute overtime period will be added after regulation time. The overtime period is sudden death; first team to score wins.
If a goal has not been scored during the 10-minute overtime period, penalty kicks will determine the winner. Three penalty kicks will be awarded to each team. Penalty kicks may only be taken by those players who were on the field at the end of the overtime period. A sudden death penalty kick round will take place if a team is not victorious after the first round.


The first and second place teams are awarded a team trophy.

Additional awards will be provided to the league’s Golden Boot and Golden Glove participants.


The following card system applies for fouls and penalties:

  • Yellow Card = Two Minute Penalty.
  • Two Yellow Cards = Player Ejection from Match.
  • Red Card = Player Ejection from Match & Minimum of 1 Additional Match.
  • 5 Yellow Cards in one season = 1 match suspension.
  • 2 Red Cards in one season = Banned from Globall Sports Center

Two-minute penalties occur when:

  • Physical confrontation between players on or off the ball.
  • A player blatantly fouls another player.
  • A player delays the match in any form.
  • A player or coach who consistently argues with the referee.
  • A player, coach or parent uses abusive language.
  • A spectator from a respective team does not comply with the rules or argues with a referee and/or league administrator.
  • A player purposely obstructs the flow of the match by using their hands.

Power Play

A power play occurs when the referee gives a two-minute penalty to a player, coach or spectator. The player who receives a two-minute penalty will have to remain on their bench until the referee signals that the two-minute penalty has ended. The player may not be replaced, the team must play with fewer players on the field.

  • If the opposing team scores a goal during a power play the two-minute penalty is terminated – player may enter the game again.If players on both teams are issued a two-minute penalty, both players must sit out the full two-minute duration regardless if a goal is scored and may not enter the field of play until the referee signals them on.
  • If a goalkeeper receives a two-minute penalty, one of the goalkeeper’s teammates must sit-out a two-minute duration.
  • If a coach or spectator receives a two-minute penalty, one of the players on the team must sit out for a duration of two minutes.

Free Kicks

Outdoor FIFA rules apply for all free kicks unless otherwise stated below. Opposing players must provide 5 yards distance from the ball.

The following indoor rules will result in an indirect free kick:

  • Goalkeeper throws the ball over the midfield line (goalkeeper must play the ball with their feet outside their goal box before they can play the ball over midfield). Ball is spotted at midfield.
  • Under-age goalkeeper in any league over the age of 30 crosses midfield as a field player. Ball is spotted at midfield.
  • Goal kick is kicked over the midfield line without contacting a player. Ball is spotted at midfield.
  • Ball contacts ceiling lights, ceiling netting, or any part of the facility, including a divider net. Ball is spotted at the area of contact.

Penalty Kicks

A penalty kick is awarded against a team that commits a direct kick foul inside the goal box. Penalty kicks are taken from the top center of the goal box. All players, except for the goalkeeper and the kicker, must stand 5 yards behind the goal box at the time of the kick.

Forfeited Games

The forfeited team agrees to pay a $50.00 penalty fee when his/her team forfeits a match less than 24 hours in advance. Failure to submit the $50.00 penalty fee prior to the next scheduled match will result in the team’s forfeit and possible dismissal from the league.

  • Teams who are 10 minutes late to their scheduled game will automatically forfeit their match.
  • Teams who have less than the minimum number of players required at the start of match will forfeit their game.
  • The forfeiting team will be penalized with a (-3) point deduction in the standings.
  • No rematches or make-ups will be awarded.
  • If game is forfeited, the opposing team may utilize the time slot for team training or an inner squad friendly.
  • No refunds of any kind are given once the team has registered in the league.


Players, coaches and spectators are always expected to display good sportsmanship on and off the field.

No abuse to referees or league officials will be tolerated – verbal or otherwise. Any indication of such behavior by a coach or spectator will result in immediate removal from the premises.



  • The referees will have sole jurisdiction over the conduct of the game.
  • If a referee terminates a game for any reason, the score at the time of the termination will stand.


  • NO PROTESTS will be considered or allowed.
  • If the League Rules appear to be violated, the matter may be brought to the attention of the League Director for the final resolution.

Inclement Weather

Due to facility scheduling demands, reschedule matches are not feasible when inclement weather conditions occur.

If a team feels it is unsafe to attend a scheduled match due to inclement weather the team must call the league director at Globall Sports Center a minimum of three hours prior to match time.

If a team forfeits a scheduled match, the league director will notify the opposing team as early as possible. The opposing team has the option of using the facility for training during their scheduled match time. No fine will be levied to a team who does not attend a match due to inclement weather.

Dismissal from Adult League

The result of a coach or spectator involved in any type of physical confrontation with other spectators, referees and/or league officials will automatically disqualify their entire team from the league.
If not stated within this handbook, outdoor rules will apply to the indoor league.

Any questions regarding the rules of any designated adult league should be directed to the Globall Sports Center League Director prior to a match.
League Directors reserve the right to decide on all league matters.

** If not stated within this handbook, outdoor rules will apply to the indoor league. Any questions regarding the rules of the league should be directed to a Globall Sports Centers Official.