Lacrosse Clinics/Training

Our training program offer classes that have been developed to improve the technical skills and the tactical understanding of specific playing positions.


Lacrosse Leagues

Globall Sports Centers offers indoor youth lacrosse leagues during the winter season. Indoor leagues are played in an 8v8 format on full turf with two 22 minute halves. All teams are guaranteed 6 games.


Personal Training

Personal Training for Lacrosse Players

We offer quality personal training for Lacrosse players. Personal training allows your child to learn their strengths and have an opportunity to work on their areas of improvement in a setting where the trainer is solely focusing on them, rather than an entire team.

Our expert and experienced coaching staff’s will evaluate every player and identifies their individual strengths and weaknesses before preparing a customized curriculum. The high individual attention and guidance create the ideal environment for targeted training and positive player.


  • Only licensed, professional trainers
  • Personalized evaluation session
  • Specifically designed curriculum for every individual player
  • Constant feedback on player’s development
  • Available for Field Players and Goalkeepers

Training can be arranged according to your family’s individual schedule.

For more information about Personal Training please email us at or call 516-622-3900